Asvito Luce, for the streetlight, is official distributor of Innolumis.


Innolumis. Sustainable through innovation. It sounds simple and yet it challenges us every day to take a next step. We can not afford to waste energy and materials. We need to innovate. That is a challenge.

Often, we will need to think and act unconventionally and we must be prepared to go against the flow. We are convinced, however, that it is possible.

From our responsibility for future generations we must strive for complete sustainability in materials and the lowest possible energy consumption. It goes without saying that this also counts for public lighting.

Innolumis chooses to make light using red, green and blue LEDs so that we can provide good lighting that requires little energy. Furthermore, by applying pure LEDs without a phosphorous layer, the life time is much longer than when using phosphorous LEDs. In addition, almost our entire luminaire can be re-used or recycled.

With our innovations we want to contribute to a sustainable world for our and future generations, while maintaining a well-lit, safe public space. I find it wonderful to see that we are rewarded with projects in more and more countries.

If you have any questions about our lighting, please contact us so we can help you.