Asvito Luce is Official Partner and distributor of Aurora Lighting:


Asvito Luce team has deeply scanned the LED market before selecting the most sophisticated products from International industrial groups with high quality standards, able to guarantee customers the flexibility to every kind of necessity, ensuring the best energy performance in terms of time and efficiency and in full compliance with European and Italian standards.

Asvito Luce strives to create a selection of indoor/outdoor LED lighting range among the largest, most advanced in the industry: energy-saving, LED-optimized luminaires, for an array of commercial and residential applications.

Asvito Luce take into consideration only certified products, when the benchmark are energy-saving LED lamps which deliver up to 80 percent power savings over traditional lighting technologies.

Asvito Luce provides its customers with customized renewable energy systems unique to their needs, standardized systems that are rapidly deployable, or a mix of both. As a third party system designer and installer, Asvito Luce does not have a bias towards a single brand of product or type of technology. This allows Asvito Luce to take an objective view of providing clients with the most cost-effective solutions available to satisfy their needs.

Asvito Luce is always interested in meeting new manufacturers interested in entering the European market, to add new cutting edge technology products to its platform.

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