• Existing lighting analysis
  • Analysis of the energy bills of the last two years
  • Comparison of energy consumption against performance
  • Find the most suitable product


  • Lighting design project
  • Rendering
  • Financial model: completion of an action plan detailing potential savings, including calculation of associated costs and paybacks.


  • Installation
  • Selection of the best electric specialist for the type of plant (indoor/outdoor)
  • Declaration of conformity with the Italian laws


  • Product standard Warranty

Asvito Luce carefully selects the partners for each project, cooperating with several certified subjects on the territory, pledging for the best solution on the whole process’ value chain (analysis – product – Installation – after sale).

Asvito Luce aims to assist customers by providing them with solutions and services of the highest standards, in order to

  • Provide cost-effective, environmental-friendly solutions.
  • Become an industry leader in energy-retrofit solutions, taking into account the existing constraints of a building’s design.
  • Be able to understand the needs of the customer, when approaching a new building/construction.

Asvito Luce‘s approach ensure significant energy savings because projects meet the most stringent environmental standards paying a particular attention to the sustainability of the building/area . Asvito Luce turnkey solutions helps clients to reduce energy costs, while having a positive impact both to the environment and to the bottom line of their financial report.